The SelfieElate Brief Explainer

You may love them or hate them,
selfies are here to stay.

That’s why SelfieElate is the right place.
(As we name it: selfie spreading space.)

You know, selfies are another opportunity
to show a lot and to be seen.
Selfies also formed a new reality
of digital marketing.

That already means a lot
not only for selfie enthusiasts
but also for selfie influencers
and brands (global and local ones).

That’s why the SelfieElate project
creates reflection of the #SelfieNation needs;
the “nation” which has no limits or boarders
around the globe.

Now imagine
how great it will be to have
a Perfect place and
a Special space
for you to share your selfies.

Yes, that selfie spreading space
is what SelfieElate is meant to be:
with this freemium app
for its glocal use
you really could choose
what’s needed to get your selfies
featured and noticed.

Functionality and flexibility
of the features inside this app
will be on your side.

So with the selfies taken to share on SelfieElate
enthusiasts and influencers will get the way
to show and to be seen right.

Remember – a selfie says
more than a thousand words.

Get a way to do this right and
in a right place.

For those who say, ‘the world has Instagram out-there.’

Ok, there’s Facebook but there’s a place
also for LinkedIn;

there’s Instagram but there’s a place
also for SelfieElate.

So let’s elate with your selfie.
And let’s do it on SelfieElate!!