The SelfieElate Manifesto

You are unique!!
Yes, you are.
Simply take a look at your fingertips.
Yes, you see – you are unique.
Each and Everyone.

Same as your selfies.
Each and Every One.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
So the selfie photos you take to share
is what (and why) we really care.

People may love them or hate them
but selfies are here to stay.

So what can we say…
You cannot step into the same river twice.
And you cannot take an identical selfie (even on the same device).

By the way, we know – behind that ideal selfie
there may be ninety-nine deleted ones.

And while you pay such a price
it’s probably wise
finally to have a dedicated place for that.
In fact, a perfect place and a special space for selfies.

Keep in mind:
it’s never too late to elate with a selfie.
Selfie enthusiasts and influencers (as well as fans)
know that for sure.

Be assured: desire to admire – is human nature
(even if that goes for such a self-portraiture).

‘Cause you are unique!
Simply take a look at your fingertips.
And let the selfies speak.