The SelfieElate Project Monthly Stage (December, 2019)

SelfieElate monthly stage December, 2019 #monthlyStage

December 31st, 2019

At this stage have to agree that fixing the existing is better than chasing some new one. The second why is always more attractive because of it illusion. While the first one is the way to develop (as we’re talking about the SelfieElate mobile app with its functionality for selfie enthusiasts and influencers).

So, no matter what but we’ll stay now on having its existing version developed until that really won’t make sense anymore so some totally new version (not a ‘facelift’) of it will be needed and will become the only way.

By-now that our tested one is more than enough to keep on going, keep on moving.

The saddest thing is only in our presumption that the version and state won’t be acceptable for users who are not tech geeks so do not tolerate errors and bugs in using apps and getting into so start enjoying as we want you to.