The SelfieElate Project Monthly Stage (April, 2020)

SelfieElate monthly stage April, 2020 #monthlyStage

April 30th, 2020

At this stage while quarantine (with its consequences) all over the world creates new reality it is time to remember and reaming each time that “what does not kill us makes us stronger.”

And, of course, to move forward no matter what. That’s why under any circumstances dedicated ones should act as if this is one of the best moments to succeed. Because that is exactly so!

Yes, not saying this way is easy. (Because easy and possible aren’t the same.) But – as all this is possible – we keep on going.   As there’s no excuse.

Same as for you there should be no excuse to keep on taking selfies. (Especially while the upcoming 22 of June is #INTERNationalSelfieDay) 😉