The SelfieElate Project Monthly Stage (June, 2020)

SelfieElate monthly stage June, 2020 #monthlyStage

June 30th, 2020

At this stage (while selfies with masks are our ‘new normal’) we see that selfie society worldwide and the SelfieElate community as a part of it proved so well – 21st of June (with National Selfie Day observed) and 22nd of June (with International Selfie Day celebrated) are those days tagged from now not only by global media players, tech geeks or truly selfie-addicted ones but also done so by thousands and thousands of you: pop & top ones, models, bloggers, vloggers, influencers, and simply selfie enthusiasts!!

All that is so because of the fact that social media (with its creators, channels, and users) is about content and a way it goes from ideas or┬áplans, efforts to execute and implement, time to prepare and share for audience online, and finally – reaching result of established or even unexpected attention and popularity.

There are already some of you who are informed and aware about that chance so to be invited into the SelfieElate mobile app (for your further use of it as an extra channel to share taken selfies). Yes, nice selfies of nice people have to be spread wide. That’s why happy to announce that more and more of you will received such personal invitations (or at least notifications about them upcoming for you in your case)!!